How old do you have to be to train? Is there an age limit?

We recommend that little ones start their self defense journey at 4 years old. Otherwise, there is no age limit to begin learning self defense. We welcome people of all ages to train with us.

Do I have to have prior martial arts experience to sign up?

You are not required to have prior martial arts experience to sign up with RKC. Students of all skill levels are welcome to train with us.

Can I come watch a class to see if I feel comfortable?

Absolutely! Stop by any class to watch if you’re not quite comfortable jumping in just yet.

Is there a mandatory uniform?

We do not have a mandatory uniform for our club. If you are participating in a No Gi jiu jitsu class, wrestling class, or defense tactics class, students are required to wear rash guards and spats (sport leggings) or athletic shorts that are free of pockets/zippers. If you are participating in a Gi jiu jistu class, you will need to wear a kimono (jiu jitsu specific gi) and a belt.

If it is your first class and you do not have jiu jitsu specific gear yet, we suggest that you wear athletic gear with no pockets and that is not loose fitting.

Other gear that you may want to invest in includes a mouth guard, water bottle, groin protector, finger tape, flip flops, gear bag, and ear/knee/elbow pads.

Do I have to compete in tournaments if I train at this academy?

Students are not required to compete. Competing in a jiu jitsu tournament is a personal choice and can be discussed with your head instructor if you are interested in becoming a competitor.

If I am a member of your gym, am I allowed to visit and train with other schools?

Yes, we welcome our students to visit and train with other schools. Getting experience training with people outside of your regular gym can give you fresh take on content that you have already learned, allow you to test and improve your skill set, roll with new people, and even learn new grappling styles.

Do you allow white belts to roll?

Yes, white belts are allowed to roll at RKC.

What is the cost to train at RKC? Do I have to sign a contract?

The cost for membership can be found on our Tuition page here. A contract is not required at RKC however it offers lower rates if that fits your budget.

Do you offer discounts for military/police/fire?

RKC is an adamant supporter of first responders and the men/women in uniform. Discounts are offered at this time for military, police, and fire. You can view our Tuition page here.

Do you offer unlimited classes?

All membership fees include unlimited classes! Students are welcome to attend as many as they would like. Attending more classes ensures your progress as a martial artist.

Do you offer private lessons?

Yes, we offer private lessons! Prices vary for private session. Speak with one of the RKC coaches to arrange for a private lesson or contact us here.

Do you have drop in rates?

RKC offers drop in rates. To drop in and participate in one our of classes without a membership is $20 daily. Black belt drop ins are free.

Do you offer free trial classes?

RKC offers a 1 week free trial period for prospective students. To sign up for a free trial class, speak with one of our head coaches or contact us here.

Are you affiliated with other gyms?

RKC is affiliated with the BJJ Globetrotters.

Are students required to sign a waiver in order to participate?

Yes, students are required to complete waiver. You can find them here. Please complete a waiver before coming to class.